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Transforming Lives Through Gratitude: A Journey with HiLU Founder Emily Montgomery

March 20, 2024 Shannon Missimer Season 2
The Motion of Gratitude®
Transforming Lives Through Gratitude: A Journey with HiLU Founder Emily Montgomery
Show Notes

In this episode, Shannon Missimer interviews Emily Montgomery, the founder of HiLU, a pro-social app dedicated to spreading words of affirmation and fostering a community of gratitude. Emily shares her personal journey of transformation, from being a lawyer and prosecutor to following her passion for gratitude and kindness. The idea for HiLU came to Emily during her pilgrimage on the Camino del Santiago, where she received voice recordings of affirmations from her mentors. She realized the importance of affirming others and creating a space for meaningful connection. Emily emphasizes the need for social connection and the impact of loneliness on our well-being. This conversation explores the feeling of loneliness and the impact of social media on human connection. It highlights the importance of voice communication and optimizing well-being through thoughtful communication. The power of gratitude and meaningful communication is discussed, along with the barriers to communication and the methodology of expressing genuine appreciation. The conversation also introduces HiLU, a pro-social app that facilitates meaningful communication. It emphasizes the significance of emotional and social well-being and the long-lasting impact of meaningful words. 


  • Transformation can happen when we listen to our inner voice and make choices that align with our true selves.
  • Creating spaces for affirming others and fostering meaningful connections is essential for combating loneliness and improving well-being.
  • Words of affirmation and gratitude have the power to uplift and inspire both the sender and the recipient.
  • Building a community centered around kindness and gratitude can have a profound impact on individuals and society as a whole. Loneliness is a prevalent feeling that many people experience but may struggle to identify or articulate.
  • The younger generation, despite being surrounded by people and social media networks, often experiences high rates of loneliness.
  • Social media can contribute to feelings of disconnection and superficial social connections.
  • Voice communication is more impactful than text messages or videos in fostering genuine connection.
  • Expressing gratitude and meaningful words can have a profound and long-lasting impact on both the sender and the recipient.


Introduction and Connection

Emily's Journey and Transformation

The Camino del Santiago and Mentors

The Challenges and Beginnings of the Journey

The Need for Affirmation and Connection

Creating a Space for Other Affirmation

The Feeling of Loneliness

Loneliness in the Younger Generation

The Impact of Social Media

The Importance of Human Connection

The Disconnection in Modern Society

The Power of Voice Communication

Optimizing Well-being through Communication

The Impact of Gratitude

Overcoming Barriers to Communication

The Methodology of Meaningful Communication

Using Hyloo for Meaningful Communication

The Importance of Emotional and Social Well-being

The Ripple Effect of Meaningful Communication

The Long-lasting Impact of Meaningful Words

The Journey of Creating HiLU

Where to Find HiLU

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