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Why is This Happening to Me? An interview with Author and Cancer Survivor Gina Tronco

July 25, 2023 Shannon Missimer
The Motion of Gratitude®
Why is This Happening to Me? An interview with Author and Cancer Survivor Gina Tronco
Show Notes

High school sweethearts, perfect family, excelling career, extravagant trips, a beautiful home, Gina and Alex seemed to have it all—until the vacation that changed everything.

Gina received two types of news no woman wants to hear:

“I’ve been having multiple affairs throughout the past fifteen years.”

“You have stage 2 breast cancer.”

The confession from her husband and the diagnosis from her doctor blew up Gina’s world.

The truth is we all receive unwanted news at some point in our lives. 

Despite the tragedies, Gina found a way forward. On this episode, Gina shares the impact that she has had to support Breast Cancer research, how she continued to turn towards her family, even when it felt like hope was lost and how her relationship with God guided her through. 

Gina Tronco was born and raised in Albany, NY. She considers her faith and her family to be the most important things to her. After receiving a cancer diagnosis at the age of forty-two, she found herself even more immersed in her faith and being of service to others who have also been diagnosed. Her inspirational message and love for people can be found throughout every community that knows her. She has participated in various charity events and was named Albany’s 2023 Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Visionary of the Year having raised almost $1 million for cancer research and is now in the running for National Visionary of the Year.
At a very young age, Gina cultivated a love for music and helping her friends and family. If she wasn't working in the family business, you could find her playing classical piano or volunteering her musical talents for her high school's chorus and theatrical performances. Gina's passion for music led her to pursue her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from The College of St. Rose, and she later became a music teacher. She enjoyed being a cheerleader throughout high school and college where she met some of her lifelong friends. Gina married her husband Alex in 1999 and decided to stay home and be a mom to their three children, Julia, Bella, and Olivia, starting in 2001, with that role being her proudest achievement and divine purpose in life.
She currently resides in Albany with her husband Alex, her three daughters, Julia 22, Isabella 20 and Olivia 18, and their dogs Leo, Knox and Quentin. 

Why is This Happening to me is Gina’s first book which is now available on Amazon! 

You Can Find Gina on IG @Ginasainatotronco or through her Family Business Spirit Water @drinkspiritwater

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