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Matthew & Shannon: Shannon's Waterfall

July 06, 2023 Shannon Missimer
The Motion of Gratitude®
Matthew & Shannon: Shannon's Waterfall
Show Notes

I don't know if I can say it any clearer, but the day to day intentional choices that we make have a MASSIVE impact on our lives. My hope in sharing my experience and the impact that it has had on my life, is that we can all see that if we are in a phase where we can't do the retreat, take the week away, make the massive shifts, that by choosing to  make little choices every day, it is enough to change our current reality and shift our life.
After five years of being on the river, choosing a consistent, slower pace to my healing and self-discovery, I had an opportunity to go on my own waterfall. If you haven't listened to our first episode where Matthew and I talk about his experience with the plant medicine Ayuhuasca at Rythmia in Costa Rica,  take a listen. We share Matthew's experience and talk a lot about the journeys in which you can explore what it means to feel conscious and to live in a conscious state in your own life.  Well, my time had come to experience my own waterfall. I had the opportunity to go to Rythmia and have my own plant medicine experience during their women's week, called Majesty Week.

In this episode, we dive into my experience at Rythmia (include details about the actual nights in the medicine), the impact it had that week, and the impact it has had since, and the ongoing conversation around different modalities in which to find consciousness and be present.

I am so Grateful for the week that I had, for the incredible women that I experienced it with, and for the ongoing journey of self-discovery that keeps me on this journey pursuing Gratosis.
If you are curious about plant medicine, or looking for an incredibly intentional, safe space in which to explore it, Rythmia is the place to go. Learn more here Rythmia Life Advancement Center | #1 Spiritual Retreat and reach out if I can answer any of your questions.

I hope you all have a beautiful day today!  

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