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Episode 17: What really is a Mothers Intuition? A conversation with Tara Soto Regester

March 29, 2023 Shannon Missimer
The Motion of Gratitude®
Episode 17: What really is a Mothers Intuition? A conversation with Tara Soto Regester
Show Notes

We've all heard in our life "just trust your intuition." But have we ever taken time to really understand what our intiution is, or HOW we can start to trust it?
 I had the pleasure of talking with Tara Soto Regester, the host of A Mother's Intuition Podcast and a practitioner who specializes in highly intuitive children.
Throughout the podcast, we talked about what actually is a mother's intuition and why we as mothers aren't always encouraged to listen to it (especially if it doesn't follow the status quo).
Tara shared her story of how trusting her own intuition when her son Dominic, who was 5 at the time seemed to be a loose cannon. Blowing up and lashing out spontaneously at things like meeting a new a person or being in the presence of certain foods. He became very tenacious about escaping school and scaling the walls.  Psychologist after psychologist began throwing out diagnosis’ but in the same breath admitting to not knowing how to help. And then a hard stop came when Dominic became suicidal in the beginning months of kindergarten.  As a family they stepped out of the rat race and began to deeply explore every crevice of how they could have a suicidal five year old.  As Tara explored and searched for answers, they didn't come from traditional avenues, like doctors and pediatricians, but clarity started to come from practitioners who understood energy and lead her to a Reiki Master who explained energy and began to ask exact questions pertaining to how Dominic navigated the world.  Her belief in how she perceived her children and her world turned.

Tara learned so much through her experience, which no road map existed for and she hopes to show what magic can happen when we follow our own intuition about the connection that might be the deepest connection we have ever known with another person. The connection between a parent and child

To learn more about Tara, Her Podcast and how to work with her you can find her on Social Media @amothersintuition or her website:
A Mother's Intuition Podcast | A Mother's Intuition Podcast (

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